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We are authorised agent of ASIC for electronic company registration (ECR), with agent number 30852.The owner of the website is Deed Dot Com Dot Au Pty Ltd. The website is professionally managed by experienced accounting professionals with decades of industry experience.


The company legal documents have been prepared by leading Sydney based law firm Batallion Legal. The documents are written in easy to understand English language and constantly updated as per law.


We know company formation better, being into company formation since last 10 years, with over 100000 companies formed on our websites and still growing. Our strength lies in our constant updation with latest technology. Our documents are constantly updated accordingly to the latest changes in the law.


Our experts have devised the company application in simple way, easy to fill and with hints to the questions. It is ably supported by a team of experienced accounting professionals. Once the application is submitted, our server direct 24/7 connectivity with ASIC server ensures company registration in minutes anytime, anywhere. This in turn ensures a smooth and time saving experience for your company registration.



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