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What type of companies can be registered on our website?

You can register Proprietary companies with limited liability (by shares) on our website.

What is the time taken to register the company?

Our application and website is directly connected to ASIC. When you submit the application, it is submitted to ASIC directly. If the application is error free and name is available, the company will be registered in 2-3 minutes. Instantly, you will receive the A.C.N. certificate and other legal documents for your company.

However, in some cases company may go for manual processing for various reasons. The reasons include if name is similar to existing name, or name contains a word which is not in Macquarie dictionary. The company application may take more time in such cases.

For manual processing, ASIC may take upto 48 hours. However, our experience shows that most of the companies get cleared within an hour, if it is within working hours. If the company has been lodged after working hours or on weekend/public holidays, and it has gone for manual processing, it will be processed on next working day only.

What happen if the company get rejected?

If the company is rejected for any reason by ASIC, we can resubmit the company in same application, after fixing the error specified by ASIC. You need not pay again for if submitted in same application. E.g. if company is rejected due to name not available, you can change the name and resubmit the company to ASIC again.

How can I fix the mistake in company application?

Fixing the mistake depends on present status of the company. If the application has not been submitted and mistake is noticed in summary page, we can simple edit the same application and then submit.

If the company application has been submitted to ASIC, fixing the mistake depends on ASIC outcome. If company gets rejected for any reason, we can edit the application and resubmit, without paying again.

However, if the company has been registered by ASIC, any amendment has to be made at ASIC only. Since your application has been submitted and registered as a company by ASIC, we cannot fix the error thereafter. You can contact and fix the error by submitting the relevant form to ASIC.

The form includes:

Form 205a: For any change in name of the company, you can use this form. However, In ECR lodgement, even a minor typo error has to be rectified by submitting form 205 A, with prescribed fees. The prescribed fee is $ 422 wef 01/07/2018. Hence you need to be very careful while filling the form, especially while inputting the name of the company. A minor typing mistake will cost $ 422 to fix.

Form 484: This form can be used for various changes in details of the company like changing address of the company/officeholder/member, adding or deleting a director or shareholder, changing share structure of the company. There may be fee applicable for the form. Kindly check with ASIC for any applicable fee.

Form 492: This form can be used to notify a correction to a previously lodged document that has been fully processed by ASIC.

How much it will cost to register the company?

The total cost is $583, which includes ASIC fee of $538 and our fee of $ 45.In our fee, we will provide you with A.C.N. from ASIC, as well as other required legal document prepared by our solicitor- constitution of the company, minutes, member application, Share register ,share certificate, instructions. You can order printed and bind copy of the company documents, delivered in Australia for just additional $66.

What is your refund policy ?

If the company has been rejected by ASIC and you don't wish to proceed with the registration process, we can refund the whole amount after deducting 4% merchant charges.

For company which ahs been registered, Out of total fee, $538 goes to ASIC as registration fee and balance is our service fee plus cost of documents provided. Once a company is registered, the ASIC fee of $538 is not recoverable, and hence not refundable in any circumstances. The only refund possible is of our service fee and that too in exceptional circumstances at our discretions.

I need legal advice for my company, can you provide?

We provide online company registration services only. We are not a firm of solicitors or accountants. We can not advice you on the suitability or otherwise of the company structure for you. All the information provided on our website is generic in nature and you should seek suitable professional advice before buying anything from our website.


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