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8. Can you backdate an incorporation of Company or incorporate a company in future date?

Many of our clients ask us whether we can backdate incorporation of a company or incorporate a company in future date.

The answer to this question is NO.
You cannot incorporate a company backdated or in future date. Companies are incorporated on the date when ASIC approves your company registration application and registers your company.
So, the date when the company gets registered with ASIC is the date of incorporation of the company. The date is fixed.
What should I do if I want to incorporate a company backdated?
If you require a company that is incorporated back dated, the only option is to buy a shelf company.
shelf company is a company which has been created but has never traded or had any activity. It has metaphorically been 'put on the shelf' to age. It is pre-registered company that was created and left ‘on the shelf’ for later use.
If you wish to buy a shelf company, you can buy shelf companies through us by contacting us on 02 9684 4199.