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19. Updating Company details Online

Updating Company details Online


ASIC has revamped the procedures required to change company details. Lodging forms with ASIC can be effective provided you have the time to look for the correct form and wait for it to take effect. Instead why not make changes at your own time and convenience. Online changes are validated at the time of submission, meaning that your changes won’t be sent back to you for more information. You will need to register for online access.

One needs to notify ASIC within 28 days of making a change. This will ensure that you receive all of ASIC’s correspondence at the right time and avoid any late penalties or fines.

Another issue is deciding which service or online system to use to make the necessary changes.

If you are a company office holder or an ASIC registered agent, you should use www.asic.gov.au/online-services. However if you are a business name holder or authorised lodger of a business name you should go for www.asicconnect.asic.gov.au

Corporate Key vs. ASIC key


Despite being sounding very similar both the keys solve different purposes. The corporate key is used to update company details. You’ll need it to register for online access. On the other hand an ASIC key can be used in ASIC connect. It is used by business name holders to link their business names to their ASIC connect account.

An important point to be noted is that the 2 keys cannot be used interchangeably. If a person has a company as well as a business name, he will need both to make changes at different times depending on the update required.

There are various forms that can be directly lodged online either by the officer holders of a company (director, secretary or the public officer) or the ASIC registered agent after he has appointed himself as an agent of that company using a form 362.

Company officers can lodge the following documents online and make changes:

1.       205A notification of resolution – change of company name

2.       410 – application for the reservation of a company name

3.       484 – change of company details

4.       362 – appointment/cessation of an agent

5.       370 – notification by officeholder for resignation or retirement

6.       388 – copy of financial statements and reports

7.       485 – statement in relation to company solvency

8.       492 – request for correction

9.       902 – notification of supplementary information

10.   FS88 – PDS in-use notice

11.   FS89 – Notice of change to fees and charges in a PDS